What The Phoque! Funny Faux Pas For French Speakers Learning English

    • funny french faux pasHaving taught French in Sydney for a number of years, I am not without my fair share of faux pas when learning to speak English.

      Apparently, there is nothing sexier than a French accent but, as a French native speaker, I am familiar with the common mistakes that we make when learning English.

      And it can be funny … albeit it somewhat embarrassing!

      When there is a need for food, there is no point in losing your temper! Not pronouncing the “h” in “ I am hungry” leads to confusing “hungry” with “angry”.

      Similarly, the pronunciation of “happiness” by any self-respecting French person has to be handled delicately!

      We sometimes have trouble distinguishing between short and long vowels. Living in Sydney and going to the “bitch” could offend as well!

      Forgetting “s” in the verb at 3rd person (“he go to restaurant”)

      Many French business people find themselves “fulfilling a spreadsheet” like it is a prophecy!

      If someone is late for an appointment or meeting, it doesn’t go down that well when you say “He is retarded”!

      One of the funniest (and most embarrassing) moments happened about 3 years ago on one of our Fun Languages club excursion to Taronga zoo. It’s worth remembering if you find yourself at the zoo that you may well hear the children and their teacher discussing a “phoque”. It’s French for seal!


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  • Gorgeous Gabi Loves Her French Lessons At Erina Fair Library!

    • Gorgeous little Gabi (Gabriellla) loves her French Classes at Erina Fair Library on Monday afternoons on the Central Coast – and it shows!

      Her mum, Ling took this video to show her local club manager, Nathalie, how much she has progressed in speaking French after only one term!

      This is what she wrote:

      “Gabriella started taking French class when she was 2.5 yrs old and after half a term (one 30mins class per week and one term is 10 classes), she is able to sing a few French songs, count in French and colour objects in French – on her own.

      After a full term of French study, Gabi has gradually opened herself up, talking to the teacher in a few basic French phrases from what she has learned.

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  • We Are Proud Of Our Team


       “Great things in business are never done by one person.  

      They’re done by a team of people” – Steve Jobs

      We are so proud of our Fun Languages team of club managers and teachers!

      Together we have built a dynamic thriving business that gives Australian children the opportunity to learn another language and sets them on a bilingual path for life.

      We love it! The children love it!. And we make a difference in the world by creating global citizens.

      So, as we reach the end of 2015, we wanted to say THANK YOU to our team of managers and teachers for all their hard work, dedication and inspiration that makes LCF Fun Languages Australia what it is today. And to you, our club members, for making the journey worthwhile!

      Take a look at what we’ve been up to in our clubs during 2015!


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  • Oh, The Thrill of Toilet Humour for a Child!

    • 140527 blog funny french phrasesThere is nothing funnier to a young child, especially boys, than naughty words and toilet humour. 

      I remember the thrill of pronouncing “bad” words and, not least, the reaction of other people to my utterances. Tittering and giggles from other children, and peers and looks of disapproval and horror from most adults.

      Surely the joy in toilet humour is partly the shock value? For our clever teacher, it became a learning opportunity…..

      “One Monday last term, in our Mandarin immersion class in Bendigo, Victoria, we were playing an interactive game when we were pretending to be on a train.

      As we were shuffling and chuffing along in our imaginary train, the real “tooting” started and a suspicious smell wafted through the group.

      One of the little girls put up her hand and announced:

      “I think someone has done a pop-off”. How do you say “pop-off” in Chinese? Tittering and giggling ensued as the expectant children waited for the answer from the teacher.

      Our teacher told the children about nice and “yukky” smells in Mandarin and how to say “Excuse me!” after one has emitted a “pop-off”!

      By this time the train had ground to a halt, and the passengers had disembarked and the session was finished in the garden, talking about which flowers smell nice and the manure smells not nice and so on!”

      In case you are wondering how to say it……

      真香(zhēn xiāng) – it smells good.


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  • Why Choose LCF Fun Languages? Are We Worth The Journey?

    • Why choose LCF Fun Languages for your kids language lessonsWith the ever increasing demand for children to learn another language (and a concomitant rise in the number of language learning providers), why should you choose LCF Fun Languages to teach your child another language?

      We’ve outlined what we believe are some pretty compelling reasons in this blog! 

      How does Fun Languages compare with other language providers?

      • our people are leaders, our products are leaders , we are business leaders in the field of language learning
      • we have a progressive language learning program compared with more traditional language providers 
      • our programs are less formal and, unlike traditional language education which concentrates on grammar and writing BEFORE speaking, our more contemporary approach is the other way around.
      • this approach to language learning means that our programs are relaxed, informal, fun and ENGAGING for the children
      • it’s not like learning a language in school!
      • Traditional methods employed in schools, while they may have resulted in children being able to conjugate verbs etc. – as many of you who learnt a second language in school as a child will attest – did not necessarily result in your being able to USE the language in conversation! Which really is the point isn’t it?
      • our teachers “guide” the children alongside other kids, on their level
      • we’re mobile which means that we set up – and can help you set up – language lessons and clubs in YOUR area – we come to YOU and with language clubs across Australia, we’re not bound by a single venue
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